My Capsule Collection

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while that I’ve been thinking on sharing my capsule collection, all the things I have been loving and that I’ve also found very useful over the years. I consider these to be the things that you can invest in as the base of your wardrobe, and play with other pieces as the mood strikes, because day-out/night-out outfits just don’t limit us anymore. If you’re in a place where you can freely go out and not stress about anything, well… Lucky you. I love having a capsule wardrobe because it’s very versatile and you can create so many outfits from just a couple of pieces.

There are a lot of blog posts and videos on guiding you to define your capsule wardrobe, but what I found most useful is checking my own closet and seeing what I like to wear more and what I find to be the main go-to pieces in my closet. So if you’re looking to have a capsule wardrobe, listen to yourself more than anyone else can tell you.

Here you will see quite neutral colours and that’s because that’s what goes with my style more. You can see more pants than skirts and dresses and you’ll find that’s also me listening to myself and just how I customize tihngs to my own style.

Here I styled a few items to give you an idea how I do it, and it might just inspire you to open your closet and check what gives your mood a little lift too.



Plum Pink

Hi there!

As the last post from this trilogy of scrunchie posts is this beautiful rich forest green scrunchie. I really love it, this versatile, velvety goodness. I already said it all on my other posts, and I don’t want to repeat myself, but just know that they are the best scrunchies out there and you really need to try them if you are into hair accessories! Check Jora Slishani’s other stuff on her page and I’m sure you will also fall in love just like me.

Follow Jora’s work on Instagram and Facebook for more.

Bold Black

Hey guys!

As I said last time, today I’m going to post some more of my faaaavourite scrunchies. If you didn’t see my last post go check Soft blue on the first couple of statement scrunchies.

Just like last time, these scrunchies are from the amazing Jora Slishani that makes the best scrunchies out there. You should 100% check her amazing work, since she totally elevates the whole scrunchie game to the next level. This one here is made from a thicker fabric, almost like some sort of black and white denim, and I just love how it perfectly matched my black denim jeans.

Some very high quality scrunchies for a super edgy look.

Me and my sisters wear them all the time and nothing seams to cause any sign of wear, which is a maaaaajor plus in my book. So you know that when you buy these ones, you’ll end up using them for a very long time (so I hope!). As for the rest of the look here, I’m wearing the gorgeous pearl top from Oyster Accessories on top of a Zara black blazer, and Guess mom jeans, all of these paired with these amazingly chunky Vagabond platform sandals.

See you on the next one,


Soft Blue

Hi there!

Ever since I started growing my hair again I’ve been in love with scrunchies. I have been obsessed with these huge ones, in so many different colours and patterns and fabrics and I love how they complete an outfit.

These ones here are the beautiful creations of Jora Slishani, who is an amazing fashion designer that started doing these gorgeous scrunchies. Her creations are beyond beautiful, and I loved being able to have these in my collection which will probably grow in the future.

Here you can see a solid coloured red scrunchie and another one with two colours, a soft, peachy pink and a creamy white that is really unique. Even though they’re big, they are very comfortable on your hair.

Make sure to check her profile and go through her amazing hair accessories and gorgeous dresses that I’m simply in love with.

P.S. There’s more of these coming soon.

Handbags: Soft Serve to chilled Rosé


I’m here on this sunny Thursday with another post full of my love for bags, and this time I’ve got these two oh-so-beautiful and trendy ones. First as a day-look, I chose to style this dupe Prada shoulder bag that has great quality and I just love the colour. This is a very on-trend outfit, and I really love how it all came together. These white shorts were all I could dream for a while and they are so versatile, pairing so well with everything you choose to wear. I styled them with this scarf top and my white sneakers.

You can easily change this look for day to night, just like the previous one (click to check the link). In this easy transformation, I just put on some heels and changed the bag. I thought this looked great with the hair pulled back and with a bold red lip, so you add a chic look to the night out. The bag was everything I dreamed of! I have been seeing this bag everywhere and I really wanted it, but with it being so expensive, I think I have found the best quality dupe for it. It’s big enough and has a lot of space, and just my favourite.

Just like in my last post, if you want the best quality dupes, go to Premium Bag Shop to find them at a great price.