Silken Dystopia

Hi guys!

Back this year with a simple but very cool outfit to match the cool tones of the uncharacteristically dystopian winter. This silk dress is just amazingly easy to style, adding to the fact that it could be styled differently throughout all the seasons. For winter and as you can see it here, I just styled it with a simple black turtleneck and a pair of knee high Vagabond boots, and ended up loving the way the fabrics go together whilst letting the silk shine and make it that much more eye-catching.

The length of the dress is super comfortable and yet quite chic, so it can be worn in many different settings, and I think it the knee high leather boots in pure black add a twist of coolness to the whole deal. And for me, what takes the look to another level is the jewelry, which completes it in not letting it go bland in colour and detail.

With a minimal winter coat, you can wear this during the day or for a night out, you decide. So don’t let the winter gloom make you gloomy! Just wear something you love, and you’ll feel good no matter the weather.



Perseid Nights

Hi everyone!

Finally found some time to take some pictures. I was on a trip to the most beautiful mountains in Kosovo. So I took the opportunity to take some pictures showing the beautiful nature.Continue reading “Perseid Nights”

Double Denim and Puppies

Spring has sprung! So it’s time for the best time in the sun. Since the weather is amazing I couldn’t wait to start wearing dresses, skirts, and one of my favourite things denim. I have been loving denim button down skirts, graphic tees, and oversized jackets all of which I incorporated in one outfit that I adore.Continue reading “Double Denim and Puppies”