24 Hour Red

Hi guys,

The weather has been changing a lot lately there for in this post I am wearing jeans and a thin knit jumper. I have been loving these jeans. They are quite out there and not everybody’s cup of tea, but I really like them.Continue reading “24 Hour Red”

Clash of colours

Just when we thought summer was here, the weather changed to very gloomy and rainy. Not that I don’t like that, but it was just unexpected. I really love rainy days. I like the cold it brings or just going in a caffe for tea and read a book and just enjoy the sound the rain makes.Continue reading “Clash of colours”

By the sea shore.

Hi guys,

I’ve been finding quite a few of these amazing clothes from my mother’s closet that I love and that are very fashion forward. Me and my family went away for the weekend to Albania and I wanted to take these photos by the sea since I really love the beach. Continue reading “By the sea shore.”